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    Aurora-Arktika was born out of our desire to share nature’s wonders in a way that protects the environment and respects local cultures. Our journeys offer unparalleled access to pristine beauty with the added comfort and safety of a base ship.

    • Meet
      the crew

    • Óli

      Ólafur “Óli” Kolbeinn Guðmundsson was educated and trained in Icelandic navigation and marine engineering, and worked as a longliner fisherman for ten years prior to moving to Ísafjörður. No stranger to the volatile seas and weather around Iceland, he manages the Aurora Arktika fleet. He has been hiking and kayaking in the Hornstrandir area for years, and has a limitless passion for arctic nature and exploration.

    • Inga Fanney has been a mountain guide for 18 years and specializes in trail running guiding in Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands the past 9 years. Inga is currently in skipper school but entered the company six years ago as a running guide. She answers your e-mails when not sailing or running. 

    • The Vessels

      Our three sailing ships, Arktika, Aurora and Teista, are able to access some of the most remote and captivating locations in Iceland, Greenland, and Jan Mayen, while serving as hospitable floating base camps for each day’s adventure.


      is a fully equipped Italian-built sailing yacht certified to circumnavigate the globe with up to 12 guests. She’s a 75ft polar ketch used to navigate in the arctic. With five guest cabins (4 two-person and 1 four-person), a spacious saloon and galley, there is ample space on-board. Normally we have max eleven guests and sometimes we have extra crew or guides sharing the cabins with the guests. The boat offers central heating, hot and cold water, three heads (toilets), three showers, and 220V electricity capable of charging batteries and other electronic devices.

    • Aurora

      is a former racing yacht that has been around the world four times. Under its previous name, Antiope, it was commanded a number of times by Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, the founder of Clipper Adventures and the first man to singlehandedly sail around the world non-stop. Originally built for fifteen crewmembers, she has been thoughtfully outfitted for sailing excursions that comfortably accommodate ten guests and two crew members (ten single berths) with spacious communal areas and a galley. The boat offers central heating, hot and cold water, two heads (toilets), one shower, and 220V electricity capable of charging batteries and other electronic devices.

    • Teista

      Teista is the head sailing vessel of the Aurora Arktika Sailing School. She is a Jeanneau Sunlight 30, and spent her previous years racing around the Westfjords. Teista, which means Black Guillemot in Icelandic, is a common bird you can find in Iceland. We think she is the perfect vessel to learn how to sail on or for a six-person crew to experience the Westfjords from the water. 


    The sights, sounds, and stories of our extraordinary excursions have been recorded, remembered, and recounted by many – around campfires, online, and even in print. We consider ourselves fortunate to have experienced them all firsthand.