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    Explore the fjords of East Greenland.

    Disko Bay is located on the west coast of Greenland, comprising a breathtaking collection of icebergs and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat icefjord. Depending on weather and sea conditions, each voyage of this adventure will offer something new and different.

    Itinerary may look something close to this:

    Day 1: From Ilulissat we will sail 6nm north to Kangeriurarsuk Bay. A lovely place, where we will have the opportunity to kayak among grounded icebergs and hike to the lake to catch trouts.

    Day 2:  After breakfast,we will go for a hike (+/- 7km) along the coast towards Oqaatsut with a stunning view of Disko bay and its massive icebergs. Once we will pick you up while your chilling on the deck and enjoy the landscape, we will sail north (20nm) and spend the night on an anchorage situated on the East of Agdlugtoq Island ( Arve Prinsens Ejland).

    Day 3: In the morning, from the anchorage often occupied by icebergs we could go for kayak or a hike towards the lake and on our way back to the boat we could pick up excellent mussels.

    After lunch, we will approach Eqip Sermia glacier, ‘Eqi’ with a 3,4km front and an approximate height of 200m. We will safely make our way through the ice and enjoy this mighty nature sight.

    This glacier is the most active of Greenland, we won’t be able to anchor nearby, but we will go to a beautiful anchorage just 5nm West of us, on a little island which offers a very good shelter and from where we will invite you to enjoy the midnight sun light with a splendid panoramic view of the glaciers around.

    Day 4: We will make our way further North of the island. The navigation will be extremely interesting, a lot of slaloming among fast drifting ice, narrow passages and islands. Then we will land at the foot of a huge bird’s cliff, arctic terns and guillemots will offer us a stupendous ballet.

    For the rest of the day we will anchored in a little bay on the North West of Agdlugtoq.

    Ashore, we will have the chance to see some very well preserved old turf houses and from the hill we will enjoy the view of the North of the bay and the Est face of Disko Island with the sound of the ice cracking and birds wings flying above us as background sound.

    After dinner we will depart for Qeqertarsuaq ‘ the Great Island’ it will take us more or less 10 hours.

    Sailing during the ‘night’ in Greenland is a very special experience. You will enjoy the midnight sun light for the evening and will keep an incredible memory of that moment.

    Day 5: You will wake up at the anchorage in Qeqertarsuaq.

    After breakfast we will prepare a picnic and go for a another incredible day.

    First we will visit the town, the museum and some excellent greenlandic handcrafts.

    Then we will go for a hike where we will have the chance to see colourful flowers which is always stunning with the contrast of the basalt landscape of the ‘Great island’, the highlight of this hike is that while  we will be looking for wild angelic and admiring the geology of the landscape we will probably be capapble to hear and spot whales.

    Day 6: After breakfast we will sail to Akunaq (40nm), a little settlement, with approximatively 100 friendly inhabitants, mostly hunters and fishermen. Akunaq is in between Aasiaat and Ilulissat, extremely photogenic – especially in the Midnight Sun season- it has been a great spot for whales watching for many years, a very good spot for mussels picking and kayaking.

    Day 7: We will have an early departure and sail towards the South of Kangia (Ilulissat Isfjord) (+/-30nm). We will offer you to hike along the glacier mouth and have an outstanding view of the Glacier,  Disko bay and if visibility allows we can even see the icecap of Disko Island.

    After our memorable hike, we will sail on front of the Ilulissat glacier and enjoy as much as possible the view of its massive ice walls.

    For the night we will stay at the anchorage near Ilulissat.

    Day 8: Departure

    Disko Bay



    Whether you are interested in kayaking on your own, immersing yourself in local Inuit culture, or simply taking in nature’s majestic beauty from onboard, your activity level is up to you.

    • Guided Hikes and Land Excursions
    • Sea Kayaking Amongst the Fjords
    • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
    • Stargazing with High Probability of Northern Lights
    • Visit Local Inuit Villages

    What's Included


    Each trip offers unique opportunities for activities and adventure, and our goal is to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your holiday with Aurora Arktika.

    • 8 Days/7 Nights Aboard Vessel
    • All Meals (Alcohol Not Included)
    • Crew and Guide Services
    • Guided Land and Water Excursions
    • Use of Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP)
    • Use of Wet-Weather Sailing Clothes


    • Aurora

      is a former racing yacht that has been around the world four times. Under its previous name, Antiope, it was commanded a number of times by Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, the founder of Clipper Adventures and the first man to singlehandedly sail around the world non-stop.

      Originally built for fifteen crewmembers, she has been thoughtfully outfitted for sailing excursions that comfortably accommodate eight guests and two crew members (ten single berths) with spacious communal areas and a galley.

      The boat offers central heating, hot and cold water, two heads (toilets), one shower, and 220V electricity capable of charging batteries and other electronic devices.


      While sailing vessels are fairly simple and utilitarian by nature, Aurora has been outfitted to ensure comfortable accommodations and spacious communal areas for our guests. Onboard amenities include central heating, hot and cold water, two bathrooms, a shower, and electricity for charging electronic devices.

    Weather & Gear


    Even with the best planning, weather can be unpredictable, so it is always best to be prepared for unexpected conditions. A basic equipment guide is provided below, however, requirements may vary by trip. Additionally, specific activities – like diving, hiking, kayaking, skiing, etc. – have unique equipment requirements.

    • Thermal Underwear (At Least Two Sets)
    • Wool or Fleece Thermal Mid Layer (Multiple Thin Layers)
    • Hiking Pants (Cotton Not Recommended)
    • Down/Synthetic Thermal Jacket (Optional)
    • Waterproof, Breathable Jacket and Pants
    • Wool/Fleece Hat
    • Gloves (Two Pairs) and Mittens (One Pair)
    • Thick Wool/Synthetic Socks (3-4 Pairs) and Thinner Socks (2-3 Pairs)
    • Casual Clothes (For Happy Hour!)
    • Rubber-Soled Boat Shoes or Slippers
    • Sleeping Bag (Summer Rated Is Fine)
    • Soft Travel Bag (No Hard Suitcases)
    • Dark Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen and Sun Hat
    • Swimsuit and Towels
    • Small Backpack (30-40 Litres)
    • Personal Medical Kit (Include Personal Medications, Band-Aids, Throat Lozenges, Lip
    • Salves, Seasickness Tablets, Etc.)
    • Water Bottle and/or Thermos (1 Litre)
    • Camera

    Disko Bay