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    This is where we share our stories and thoughts. We like to explore and share with other people how it is and what we go through. We are concerned about the nature and our environment and we feel like a big part of our lives is delivering messages from nature to people and people to nature.

    We like to believe that “in the old days” people lived in harmony with nature. Aurora Arktika’s favourite stomping grounds are in what is now called the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.  Here people lived for almost one thousand years, primarily off what the land and the ocean gave and apparently in delicate harmony with their surroundings.  It was often a very tough life but when the last inhabitants moved away around 1950 the land was in no worse condition than when the first settlers arrived before the year 1000. They share our stories.

    Obviously these farmers and fishermen had some impact on their environment but we like to believe that they had an understanding of how their actions had consequences for the nature. That they had to maintain some sort of a balance, not damage anything this year as their life depended on things to be available again next year, and for all future. These remote but cosmopolitan farmers were not disconnected from the outside world and traded lively with their neighbours in the Westfjords and also with visiting ships from all over the world. They sold eggs, wool products and all kinds of things made from Siberian driftwood and received important goods from afar such as coffee, sugar, flour and various tools.