• Hat

    Aurora Arktika woolen hat, made at the local knitwear studio in Ísafjörður by the artist Sigríður Sif Gylfadóttir. The pattern is based on the sails of the Arktika. The hat comes in two colors, blue and red.

    60 EUR
  • Power Hoodie

    Aurora Arktika Houdini fleece jacket made in the exceptional fabric Power Stretch® Pro™ from Polartec®. Warm, cozy and built to last for ages.

    200 EUR
  • Cap

    Aurora Arktika Cap

    33 EUR
  • T-shirt

    Shit snow, crap weather, best ski trip ever!

    50 EUR
  • Badge

    Aurora Arktika Badge

    20 EUR
  • Cup

    Aurora Arktika cup

    45 EUR
  • Buff

    Aurora Arktika Buff

    33 EUR
  • Map

    Map of Hornstrandir

    13 EUR
  • Iceland winter poster

    Poster from winter ski and sail in Iceland

    33 EUR
  • Iceland summer poster

    Poster of Hornstrandir Wildlife

    33 EUR
  • Greenland poster

    Greenland summer poster

    33 EUR
  • Jan Mayen poster

    Jan Mayen poster

    33 EUR
  • Aurora Arktika Postcard

    Aurora Arktika postcards, Iceland winter, Iceland summer, Greenland, Jan Mayen

    10 EUR